Reef from Stoked the animated series, Elliott Animation, Toronto



Age: 16

Surfing ability: Tears it up

Works: As Water Sports coordinator/surf instructor

Reef is hot and he’s built but he’s goofy and totally overreacts to every situation. He’s not the brightest and is very competitive – and has a serious problem losing to girls.

Reef is all about the stoke. He’s stoked on life and could NOT POSSIBLY be more stoked for this summer!   His every reaction is an over-reaction and the others often find themselves covering for him or bailing him out of hot water.

Broseph from Stoked animated series - Elliott Animation, Toronto


Age: 16

Works: As the bell hop in the lobby.

Surfing ability: A natural, graceful soul surfer.

Broseph is one chiiiiiilled out, dude, an old soul. There is definitely evidence that he is really smart, but all the salt water, exercise and sun seems to have pushed him to such a mellow place that worrying about little things like money, math homework, and where he left his shoes today are just too much work.

He is completely in tune with the sea and it’s movements… he can smell a swell coming a day in advance. He spends almost all of his spare time surfing, skim-boarding, chilling during the day in his make-shift hut at Cloudbreak (their secret hideaway beach, nicknamed “the office”) or sofa-surfing on the porch of the staff house.

Johnny from Stoked animated TV Series, Elliott Animation, Toronto


Age: 17

Appearance: Heavy set but stylish

Surfing ability: Nada – he sucks

Works: Front Desk/Concierge

Johnny Front Desk Guy is a stylish, born and bred city guy who is worked behind the front desk last summer so he knows the ropes.  He’s self-deprecating, witty, funny and totally cool – and even though he’s not as fit as the other groms, he’s the kind of guy that you can totally see him getting the hot girl in the end. 

He knows the hotel inside and out, every corridor, every room, and the location of every security camera. He is a genius and a whiz on the online guest system.  He has access to every room, every check-out bill, and every pay-per-view bill. He knows what hot stars are checking in and coordinates their special needs for them without question.   As good as he is at his job, though, he’s still a teen and a cool one at that, and he loves helping the others when they’re in a jam.

Fin from Stoked animated TV Series, Elliott Animation, Toronto


Age: 16

Surfing ability: Ripper

Works: As a chamber maid

Fin is girlie but tough and has a quick dry sense of humor.  She would NEVER wear heels – who wants to look like Malibu Barbie? She’s a flip flop girl through and through. She loves to spar with Reef but in the water she’s equally competitive.

She’s the ultimate guy’s girl. She’s cool, fun, happy and always been most comfortable chilling on her board in the line-up, shooting the breeze with the other guys and waiting to beat them onto the biggest wave of the day. She’s confident and upbeat and doesn’t stress the small stuff.  She is athletically gifted and always challenges the guys to competitions – especially Reef, who HATES losing to girls more than anything in the world. Admittedly, Fin kind of gets off on crushing his little boy ego.

Emma from Stoked animated TV Series, Elliott Animation, Toronto


Age: 16

Surfing ability: none - but is determined to rip by the end of the season!

Works: In DR (dining room waitress)

Emma is sweet and honest, but eager to fit in too. She’s totally stoked to learn how to surf and willing to get in way over her head to do it. She’s gullible and clumsy and is always screwing up at work.

She is sweet, hard working and a little bit naïve… she has that sweet innocence to her where she just kind of lets insults and negative vibes (from annoyed customers or testy managers) float over her head.  She is eternally optimistic, usually sees the best in people, and probably the one that the others feel the need to protect the most.

Lo from Stoked animated TV Series, Elliott Animation, Toronto


Age: 16

Surfing ability: Sweet long-boarding skills – has surfed all her life

Works: In DR (dining room waitress)(may be rotated to different jobs as the season progresses).

Lo is spoiled and self indulgent, but never mean spirited or snobby. She’s just used to having a certain lifestyle! It’s never been any different for her. She’ll have the occasional complete meltdown when things don’t go her way.  

Lo is the only daughter of the insanely wealthy Ridgemount family, owners of the Ridgemount Hotel chain and the flagship Surfer’s Paradise Ridgemount Resort, and she has always been able to sweet talk her parents into anything by smiling and promising to love her daddy forever.   But this time, Lo’s gone too far and Mr Ridgemount decides that Lo is going to learn what it’s like to have to make it on her own. She’s cut off – she’ll live in the staff quarters, use her own pay check to buy things she wants, and prove herself to him – or it’s off to boarding school next year.