The Fairly Odd Parents

Timmy from Fairly Odd Parents the animated series, Nickelodeon.


Timmy is a 10 year-old boy. He’s an only child, with parents that are always on the go -- so he’s often on his own. Timmy is his own best friend -- he doesn’t have an older sister to go to for advice and no younger brother to push around. Timmy’s a smart little guy, he can out-think nearly every other kid on the playground…and he knows it. On the outside, Timmy seems to have it all -- parents who love him, a nice house, a good head on his shoulders topped by a nice pink baseball hat. But what he doesn’t have is any power, and that’s where his fairy godparents come in. Regardless of how smart Timmy is, he’s ten. Which means, whether he likes it or not, he’s dependent on every adult around him. Which means he is powerless against his teachers, bullies and his

supercilious baby-sitter, Vicky. Timmy’s fairy godparents poofed into his life to empower him – and now the sky is the limit!

Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents the animated series, Nickelodeon.


Cosmo is Timmy’s fun-loving fairy godfather. His great sense of humor is only surpassed by his magical ineptitude. Always in a good mood, Cosmo rips through Timmy’s life with a combination of optimism, fun and the slightly dangerous inability to see any repercussions to his actions. He loves nothing more than making Timmy happy and tormenting Timmy’s evil babysitter, Vicky.

Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents the animated series, Nickelodeon.


Wanda is Timmy’s strong-willed fairy godmother and Cosmo’s longtime partner in magical mayhem. She has a blast making magic with her husband, but if the chips are down, and Cosmo caves (which usually he does), it’s Wanda who will ride to the rescue. She’s got every inch of enthusiasm, excitement and energy as her husband, but Wanda is smart enough to know that actions have consequences. And then, she still may ignore them because she’s having so much fun.

Mr. and Mrs. Turner - Fairly Odd Parents - Nickelodeon.

Mr. and Mrs. Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Turner are nice, fun and they’re really proud of their smart little son. Luckily for Timmy, they’re also oblivious to what’s going on around them and have no idea that Timmy has fairy godparents. And they never will. Timmy’s parents are loving, enthusiastic, and constantly on the go. They are excited about everything they do, whether it’s attending the “save the sprinkler” foundation meeting or going to the annual “plunger festival.”

Vicky from Fairly Odd Parents the animated series, Nickelodeon.


Vicky is Timmy’s mean-spirited, 16 year-old baby-sitter. She’s almost an adult, but still powerless in most cases except for one -- tormenting her babysitting charges -- especially Timmy. Vicky has an endless list of mental torture techniques she employs to get the “little twerps in line.” Vicky never does anything to help anyone, unless there is something in it for her. And Timmy’s parents are oblivious to Vicky’s conniving, selfserving ways. She is sweet as pie when his mom and dad are around, but hissy like a snake the second they leave. Only Timmy and his fairy godparents know how rotten she really is, which is why the trio take great pleasure in turning the tables on her every chance they get.