July 27, 2015

Welcome back, racers, to another week of ‘The Ridonculous Race To Name The Place!’ If you’re just joining us, here’s the idea: each week we’re revealing a background still from the upcoming Fresh TV series The Ridonculous Race and challenging all of you Fresh fans to figure out where in the world the contestants are headed! Then we’ll reveal the answer here on re:fresh with a little background info about the background! So put on a cup of tea because this week’s answer is Darjeeling!

July 27, 2015

Zzz… eh? Wazzat? Oh, sorry folks, the jet lag from all this bouncing around from country to country is really starting to get to me! I’m up now, though, I’m good. What were we talking about? Right, right, time to reveal this week’s location in ‘The Ridonculous Race To Name The Place!’ Are your guesses locked in yet? Because the answer is: Beijing!

Bejing is the capital city of China and one of the most populous cities in the entire world with well over 20 million residents! Even so it has the second largest population in the country behind Shanghai.

Ridonculous Race To Name The Place: Iceland, Elliott Animation, Toronto
May 22, 2015
Get your passports ready, Fresh fans because we’re onto the next stop on ‘The Ridonculous Race To Name The Place!’ Each week we’re revealing a background shot from The Ridonculous Race and challenging all of you to guess where the scene takes place before revealing the answer. Want to find out the race’s itinerary before anybody else or just prove your geographical mastery? Then let’s get ridonculous, people! This week’s answer… Iceland!
Ridonculous Race To Name The Place: Arctic Circle, Elliott Animation, Toronto
May 15, 2015
It’s week three of the ‘Ridonculous Race to Name the Place’ and so far you guys have been absolutely crushing it!
Ridonculous Race To Name The Place: Paris, Elliott Animation, Toronto
May 8, 2015
Alright Fresh fans, it’s Week Two of the Ridonculous Race To Name The Place, where we drop a backdrop and you’ve got to namedrop the drop-off for that leg of The Ridonculous Race or drop the ball and drop out! Ready for this week’s answer? It’s Paris, France! Mic drop.
Ridonculous Race to Name the Place: Zimbabwe, Elliott Animation Toronto
May 1, 2015
It’s time to reveal the first location in the Ridonculous Race to Name the Place! Have you checked out the background shot for this week and figured out where the racers are visiting? Let’s find out if you’re on the right track or if you took a wrong turn somewhere! The first country of the contest is… drum roll, please… Zimbabwe!
Ridonculous Race to Name the Place, Elliott Animation, Toronto
April 30, 2015
Face front, Fresh fans: we’ve got some news to deliver! The contestants of The Ridoncuous Race will be bouncing around all over the world from country to country with only their wits to stay one step ahead of their opponents — and we have a new contest that’ll prove which of you has the chops to do the same! Rev up your brain power and get to the starting line ’cause it’s time to Name the Ridonculous Place!
Ryan and Stephanie from the Ridonculous Race, Elliott Animation
February 14, 2015
Happy Valentine’s Day, Fresh fans! Love is in the air — or is that just pheromones? Either way we’ve chosen all of you to be our somebody special this year and to show our undying amore we’re revealing another two-person team for The Ridonculous Race!