The Ridonculous Race to Name the Place!

Ridonculous Race to Name the Place, Elliott Animation, Toronto

Face front, Fresh fans: we’ve got some news to deliver! The contestants of The Ridoncuous Race will be bouncing around all over the world from country to country with only their wits to stay one step ahead of their opponents — and we have a new contest that’ll prove which of you has the chops to do the same! Rev up your brain power and get to the starting line ’cause it’s time to Name the Ridonculous Place!

First off, some bookkeeping.

We’ve gotten word that after some updates to the programming schedule, The Ridonculous Race will now be premiering in the US on Cartoon Network and in Canada on TELETOON some time in the fall of 2015 rather than the summer.

We don’t have a specific date to share with you yet but you can be sure that we’ll announce it as soon as we do! I know there’s a ton of anticipation for this series so we appreciate everyone being patient for just a little bit longer! It’ll be worth the wait!

Onto more fun news!

Here’s how The Ridonculous Race to Name the Place will work: every Thursday we’ll be sharing an actual background taken from an episode of The Ridonculous Race on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter and challenging all of you to name the place!

It could be anywhere in the world so here’s hoping you’ve been paying attention in geography class!

Then on Friday we’ll reveal the answer here on re:fresh, along with a little geography lesson of our own!

Lots of social media games claim to make you smarter but here at Fresh we actually deliver!

Make sure to follow the #RR tag to get first crack at naming the place and partner up with your friends just like the contestants on the show to double your chances of figuring it out!

We’ll see you somewhere around the world, racers!

Stay fresh,