Ridonculous Race To Name The Place: Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Time to roll the dice with another installment of ‘The Ridonculous Race To Name The Place!’ Each week we’re posting a background still from The Ridonculous Race as a clue and challenging Fresh fans to guess where in the world the contestants have ended up! So far we’ve been everywhere from the Arctic Circle to Darjeeling and we’re not done yet! Welcome to the city of Las Vegas, Nevada!

Sitting in a basin on the floor of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas bills itself as the Entertainment Capital of the World and with its mega-casinos, star studded concerts and conventions for every interest not many would argue with that claim! The city is home to more than 600 000 people, more than two million if you include the surrounding metro area — and not just because around 150 couples are married there every day!

Everything is bigger and brighter in Vegas and the unofficially named Vegas Vic is a classic example! This twelve meter tall waving cowboy has been welcoming visitors to Las Vegas since 1951, through several changes and restorations that have included trimming the brim of his hat and changing the colour of his shirt!

Another immediately recognizable sign in the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas road sign, designed by Betty Willis and built a few years after Vic in 1959. The circles around each letter in the word ‘WELCOME’ are meant to represent silver dollars in a nod to Nevada’s nickname, ‘The Silver State’. The back of the sign tells anyone leaving to ‘Drive Carefully’ and ‘Come Back Soon’!

Las Vegas’ fascination with big, bright lights didn’t end with neon, however! Viva Vision is the name of the world’s largest LED screen, which forms a canopy over Freemont Street! Nearly five football fields long and ninety feet overhead, Viva Vision includes more than twelve million LED lamps along with 220 speakers with 550 000 watts of amplification! Talk about your light shows!

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