Ridonculous Race To Name The Place: Lethbridge, Alberta

Lethbridge, Alberta

Okay Fresh fans, by now you know the drill: each week we post a background image from the upcoming Fresh TV series The Ridonculous Race and challenge you to figure out where Don has sent the racers. It’s Ridonculous Race To Name The Place! This week we’re back in Canada so narrow down your shortlist and lock in your answers! Welcome to Lethbridge, Alberta!

Lethbridge is one of the largest cities in Alberta and those largest in the southern part of the province. It’s economy was originally based on mining in the 19th century and gradually shifted toward agriculture and then diversified so that today the top five employers in the city are all government-based, like education and health care!

From its days as a frontier town, Lethbridge is home to the Lethbridge Viaduct, usually just called the High Level Bridge: the the longest and highest steel trestle bridge in North America! The bridge was built as part of the Canadian Pacific Railroad starting in 1907 and completed in 1909 The bridge is about 1624 meters long and more than 95 meters tall! That’s 12 400 tons of steel!

Fort Whoop-Up was originally called Fort Hamilton until the nickname got so popular they just made it official! During the late 19th century the sale of whiskey was illegal but that didn’t stop whiskey traders from setting up shop and charging just about whatever they liked! One of their most famous concoctions was Whoop-Up Bug Juice, a mix of whiskey, chewing tobacco, red pepper, Jamaica ginger and molasses!

Where else do you think the Ridonculous Race contestants will end up? Stay tuned to re:Fresh for more behind the scenes sneak peaks as we get closer to the premier!

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