Say, “hello” to Bunsen - the new beast in school... well, he’s MORE than just the new beast. He’s the FIRST beast in an all-HUMAN school. Bunsen is the world’s first beast ambassador, and while he’s at Muckledunk Middle School, he’ll show everyone that beasts and humans are not so different!

With the help of his new human BFF Mikey Munroe, Bunsen will learn exactly how to survive in the human world… like how to do homework, how to eat in a cafeteria, how to not let the Sneeze Beasts in his nose run wild – you know, the basics! Bunsen is curious to know everything about humankind, and with Mikey by his side they’ll show the world that beasts and humans can live together side by side. Just don’t feed Bunsen any beets… he’ll go crazy and try to eat you. This is your final warning.



Ballistic babysitters... Off-the-wall parents... Boring video games... What's a 10-year-old to do? If you're Timmy Turner, all you gotta do is turn to your magical, mystical and totally messed-up Fairy Godparents for help. But when the fairies involved are as wacky as Cosmo and Wanda, you might get more of their "help" than you bargained for!


Ridonculous Race TV Series Logo - Elliott Animation, Toronto

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race is an action-filled, outrageous buddy comedy in which 18 pairs of unforgettable characters are put to the mental, physical and emotional test in a frantic race around the world. Each new leg of the Race features an adventure to a new country where teams will face off against BRUTAL challenges, baffling local customs, competing teams, and traveler’s diarrhea as they frantically race to the next Chill Zone on their way to the ultimate Finish Line. They’ll all push themselves to the limit, but only one team will win the Race and the prize of one million dollars!




Total Drama TV Series logo - Elliott Animation, Toronto

Total Drama Island

Twenty-two teens have just been sent to the oldest, moldiest, most beat up, run-down, bug infested summer camp in Northern Ontario where they'll be forced to endure a summer of leaky cabins, crappy food and increasingly insane challenges.  Only one can win - the rest will walk the dreaded Dock of Shame. Tensions will run high, the hook-ups are SO on, and the cameras will be there to catch it all!

Screaming Gophers: Beth, Cody, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Justin, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen and Trent.

Killer Bass: Bridgette, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Geoff, Harold, Katie, Sadie, Ezekiel and Tyler.

Total Drama Action

Fourteen contestants from the island are back, this time on an abandoned movie studio lot in Toronto. Two teams – the Screaming Gaffers and the Killer Grips – take part in movie inspired challenges for the chance at winning the One Million dollar prize.

Screaming Gaffers: Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna, DJ, Heather, and Harold

Killer Grips: Trent, Lindsay, Justin, Beth, Owen, Izzy, Courtney

No team: Geoff and Bridgette

Total Drama World Tour

Seventeen contestants travel to exotic locations all over the globe, competing for $1 million. The twist? They have to burst into song anytime Chris tells them to.

Team Amazon: Cody, Courtney, Gwen, Heather, and Izzy

Team Chris is Really4 Hot: Alejandro, Sierra, Noah, Owen, Tyler, and (later on) Duncan.

Team Victory: Bridgette, DJ, Ezekiel, Harold, Leshawna, and Lindsay.

No team: Blainley

Total Drama Revenge of the Island

Thirteen new contestants head to Camp Wawanakwa to compete for the One Million-dollar prize. New friendships, new rivalries, new relationships, and the biggest drama to date.

Toxic Rats: B, Dakota, Dawn, Lightning, Sam, Scott, and Staci.

Mutant Maggots: Anne Maria, Brick, Cameron, Jo, Mike, and Zoey.

Meet the Total Drama CharactersMeet the Characters from Total Drama IslandMeet the characters from Total Drama ActionMeet the characters from Total Drama World TourMeet the Characters from Total Drama Revenge of the IslandMeet the Characters from Total Drama All Stars

Grojband TV Show Logo - Elliott Animation, Toronto

Mayhem, mishaps and teen angst! Grojband is a hilarious musical comedy animation following four pre-teen wannabe rock legends where any and all mood swings are welcome!

Twelve-year-old COREY (CORE) RIFFIN starts a GARAGE BAND with his three best friends and quickly realizes that their band sucks – like a lot. It’s not their music or everchanging image that’s the problem. It’s Corey’s lack of lyrics. He just can't think of anything cool to write about, UNTIL... Corey finds his older sister TRINA’S diary. “Hey! This thing is FULL of teen angst and junk.”

Corey and the band ‘secretly’ use her latest diary entry for lyrics to their NEW tune – and what do you know? It sounds like pure AWESOMENESS and the gigs are lining up! Problem solved right? Not exactly. Trina’s a total witch and can’t stand the thought of her little brother’s GARBAGE band becoming more popular than her. She’ll stop at nothing to crush their dreams. But that’s cool. Core can read his sister, well… like a book. And he always knows just what to do to make her GO DIARY and give them the one thing they’re missing…WORDS!

Meet the Grojband CharactersThe Un-Cool Grojband Facts

Stoked TV Show Logo - Elliott Animation, Toronto

 Stoked is a character driven animated situational comedy about six teenaged groms who come together one summer to share a dream – to work at the world renowned Surfer’s Paradise Resort on the legendary Sunset Island – home of the most epic surf break in the country!  For twelve weeks, they’ll spend their first summer away from home, work the hardest that they’ve ever worked in their lives and, most importantly, have the opportunity to SURF on their days off!

Emma, Reef, and Fin come from three different parts of the country to join locals Broseph, heiress Lo, her brothers George and Ty, and Johnny Front Desk Guy at Surfer’s Paradise Resort, ready for the summer of their lives!  They are all lured to the west coast by the call of the waves and the promise of the glossy, sparkly online corporate recruitment video – to have an experience they’ll always remember. All except for Lo, who is being forced to work at her dad’s resort against her will to prove she can be “serious” enough to inherit it one day.  They have all survived the rigorous interview process and find themselves in the following positions:

  • Reef: Surf Instructor
  • Broseph: Bell Hop
  • Emma: Dining Room (DR) waitress
  • Lo: Dining Room (DR) waitress
  • Fin: Housekeeper
  • Johnny Front Desk Guy: yup, Front Desk.

With tons of laughs, great surf music and awesome animation, Stoked invites the audience to join in on the ultimate summer experience.

Stoked - meet the characters


6teen TV Show Logo - Elliott Animation, Toronto

Galleria Mall is home to a food court, tons of stores and throngs of busy shoppers. But as fans of the hit show 6TEEN well know, it is also a home-away-from-home for Jen, Jonesy, Wyatt, Nikki, Caitlin and Jude—six teens who for four seasons have worked, played, laughed and dated within the walls of this giant shopping complex.

Since its debut in 2004, 6TEEN’s frank and funny approach to tween storytelling has been embraced by viewers the world over. In addition to its successful run here at home, it has aired in the following territories:

Hong Kong
Latin America
Middle East
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
South Korea
South Korea
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom


Over the years, 6TEEN has been honoured with multiple industry awards and nominations. In 2009, 6TEEN was awarded the Pulcinella Award for Best TV Series for the Tween Generation. The show also garnered two Gemini nominations in 2008 (Best Writing in a Children's or Youth Program or Series and Ensemble Performance in an Animated Program or Series) and was awarded the Alliance for Children and Television Award of Excellence for Animation Age 9-14 two years running (2006, 2007).

6teen meet the characters