The Un-Cool Grojband Facts

  • The working title of the show was originally "Garage band", but it wasn't unique or interesting enough. Todd spotted a misspelled sign for a "Groj" Sale in his neighbourhood, and "GROJBAND" was born.
  • One of the most iconic elements of GROJBAND episodes are the Wicked Cool Transitions - these came about as a happy accident. We were under the gun, editing our first animatic for development and were looking for an interesting way to transition from one scene to another. None of the standard wipes, or dissolves felt right to us so we simply threw in scratch track of Todd singing "Wicked Cool Transition" and I scribbled a panel with text and musical notes on it. It got pretty big laughs at our network pitch so we expanded the idea and made it part of every episode. It even became a large part of our interactive experience online.
  • Like most people we spent a lot of our childhood in front of the TV. We pay tribute to some of the shows we watched through some of the character names in GROJBAND. The groupies, Kate and Allie share their names with a popular sitcom from the 80s, and hunky Nick Mallory owes his name to Alex P Keaton's older sister and her boyfriend on Family Ties. Names aren't always inspired by TV. Laney Penn is a "spoonerism" of the classic Beatles song "Penny Lane".
  • Speaking of Laney, originally Kon was the bass player and Laney was on drums. But, it was agreed that a girl drummer has been seen a lot... and we happen to know a really cool female bass player.
  • Trina has a very distinct way of talking: lot's of negative or backwards speaking. In our development episode, Trina said:

"UHGG... I seriously don't know why I have to take you and your stupid friends to the stupid carnival"
And Corey replied by playing a tape recording of their never seen dad:
"Trina. You have to drive Corey and his stupid band to the stupid carnival 'cause I say so. Love, your stupid Dad."
The network wasn't keen on the word "stupid" being used so many times (if at all) so after a bit of thought, Trina's line got switched to:
"Uugh. I seriously don’t know why I have to take you and your un-awesome friends to the un-awesome-er carnival."
And dad's line was changed to:
"Trina. You have to drive Corey and his un-awesome friends to the un-awesome-er carnival because I say so. Love, your super duper un-awesome dad."
This exchange proved to be the way Trina would eventually talk all the time - especially when we heard Alyson Court read it... and it also spelled the demise of the Riffin parents.

  • Another thing that changed due to a network note was Corey and Trina's last name. Originally, it was "Trippin", but when execs looked at all the materials and saw that the band lived in Peaceville with a Mayor named Mellow, they thought that Trippin might make people think we were making 60's hippie drug references. We definitely were not, but once it was pointed out, it was hard to get away from that suggestion - so we changed it. Turns out, Riffin sounds more "grojband" anyway.