Jonesy from 6teen animated TV show, Elliott Animation, Toronto


The good-looking, popular schemer has been fired from a different job in every episode so far and his
ineptitude is one of the shows running gags. He is involved in a serious relationship with Nikki, and fans have
excitedly followed the trajectory of their romance throughout the first three seasons.

Jen from 6teen animated cartoon, Elliott Animation, Toronto


The kind, determined tomboy works at the Penalty Box sports store. She is athletic, mature and responsible, which helps her keep the rest of the gang in line. Her mom is married to Jonesy’s dad, making them step-siblings as well as friends.

Caitlin from 6teen animated cartoon, Elliott Animation, Toronto


The sheltered shopaholic, Caitlin started working at the mall due to a massive credit card debt and
being cut off by her wealthy dad. She is fashion conscious, which makes it particularly difficult for her to wear the
lemon-shaped hat that is an integral part of her uniform at the Big Squeeze lemonade stand.


The edgy individualist was devastated when the only job she could get was at the Khaki Barn, a clothing store that promotes conformity, where she is forced to work with a gaggle of girls she refers to as “the clones.” She and Jonesy are constantly navigating the ups and downs of teen romance, and Nikki’s fear of losing their friendship has caused the relationship to stall in the past.

Wyatt from 6teen animated cartoon - Elliott Animation, toronto


The shy, soulful musician is wise beyond his years and already has a couple of serious relationships under his belt. He has a fairly serious caffeine addiction, he’s a romantic, and with his natural talent and drive he seems destined for musical greatness.

Jude from 6teen animated cartoon - Elliott Animation, Toronto


The eccentric skater tends to connect with people and things in the strangest of ways. In fact, he once had a major crush on a talking massage chair. He has a laid-back attitude, a tendency towards the bizarre and he acts as a confidant for the other members of the group. Although after all they’ve been through, there aren’t many secrets left for him to keep.