Bunsen is a Beast

Bunsen from Bunsen is a Beast the animated series, Nickelodeon. Elliott Animation, Toronto


Being the first beast in an all-human school can be scary, but nothing will bring Bunsen down! His upbeat personality and optimistic attitude help him to understand all things human – like school picture day, the tooth fairy and ice cream trucks. Mmm… ice cream.  With so many new things to see and do in this human domain, Bunsen can become easily distracted, just like a puppy. If he sees a toilet for the first time, he WILL flush it… over and over and over again

Although he is a beast with four rows of teeth, Bunsen is super sweet and treats everyone with equal respect. If he were to throw a party, the guest list would include beasts, humans AND bears! Everyone is welcome in Bunsen’s world!

Mikey from Bunsen is a Beast the animated series, Nickelodeon.


The sweet, quirky Mikey Munroe is an easy-going kid who is a jack-of-all-trades. He’s in the Disco Club, the Bee Keepers Club and even the Math for People Who Hate Math Club.

While working on the Muckledunk Welcoming Committee, he met Bunsen, the new beast in town. Mikey decided to take Bunsen under his wing (make that arm. He is human after all)! Mikey shows Bunsen the ropes of living in a human world and the ups and downs of middle school.

Mikey soon discovers that Bunsen’s beastly ways make HIS life pretty cool! These two quickly develop a beastly bro-mance and become best friends forever!

Amanda from Bunsen is a Beast the animated series, Nickelodeon. Elliott Animation, Toronto


Every middle school needs a villain… and Amanda is just that. She is the 12-year old epitome of evil. Her rigidness, neuroses and just plain meanness make her the exact opposite of Mikey. In short, she hates practically everything. But, the number one thing she hates more than ANYTHING else in this world is BEASTS! Amanda has made it her mission to prove that Bunsen is a menace to society (especially Muckledunk Middle School). Through sly tactics and her family’s endless funds, her maniacal plots attempt to rid the school ofBunsen. Unfortunately for her, everyone else is starting to like Bunsen. Plus, she’s not very good at maniacal plots.

Darcy from Bunsen is a Beast the animated series, Nickelodeon.


Darcy is Bunsen and Mikey’s homeschooled friend.  She is eccentric and super knowledgeable about the most random of subjects, which means she usually has the info to get these guys out of a jam. And she’s ALWAYS there for them, popping up at the drop of a hat. Her homeschooled lifestyle allows her to be 100% available 100% of the time. You can find Darcy at recess, band practice and at picture day … wait, “does she even go to school here?”